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Buyers' Guide - Ingredient Suppliers

Notice to Users of International Buyers' Guide

The ingredients appearing in the Buyers' Guide do not represent an "approved list" of cosmetic ingredients. The inclusion of any ingredient only means that it has been offered for sale for use in cosmetic products. The assignment of an INCI name does not imply that the ingredient is "approved," "certified," or "endorsed" by Personal Care Products Council (Council) or any other organization or governmental body. INCI names do not imply standards or grades of purity. In addition, the absence of any ingredient name in the Buyers' Guide does not imply that the ingredient may not or should not be used in finished cosmetic products. The suitability of any ingredient, as a component of a finished cosmetic product or for any other purpose, is at the sole responsibility of the cosmetic product manufacturer, the distributor, or any other users of this Buyers' Guide. The names of packaging suppliers and services vendors, private label manufacturers, analytical, safety, and testing facilities and consultants are also provided without review or consideration of their qualifications as to suitability or standards of performance. Council makes no representation regarding approval, certification, or any other endorsement of any of the companies included in the Buyers' Guide, and their use is at the sole responsibility of the cosmetic product manufacturer, the distributor, or other users of the Buyers' Guide. INCI Names are developed and assigned on the basis of rules developed by Council. The INCI Names presented in the Buyers' Guide are the end result of substantial efforts by Council Staff and a committee of experts from the industry and are copyrighted. While the use of these names by suppliers of ingredients and manufacturers of finished products is encouraged and specifically allowed for identifying and labeling cosmetic ingredients, and for regulatory purposes by U.S. and foreign governments, for communicating medical and scientific information by physicians and scientists, and for providing information through articles in the trade or popular press, the use of the INCI Names in any compilation of chemical, biological, or botanical names developed to generate revenue, without a specific license for such use from Council, is specifically forbidden. For information on securing a license to use the INCI Names for commercial benefit, please contact the Council's Licensing Department .