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How to Have Ingredients Listed In The Buyers' Guide

Listings in the International Buyers' Guide associate a supplier with an INCI Name by the supplier's company name only. Suppliers who have applied for an INCI name through the INCI Application Process are automatically included in the International Buyers' Guide. However, unlike the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook, trade name/INCI name assignments are not included for publication in the Buyers' Guide. Listings in the International Buyers' Guide are provided FREE OF CHARGE to the cosmetic and personal care products industry. Any firm that wants to list ingredients in the Buyers' Guide should complete the form below. While every effort is made to assure the accuracy of the listings, in submitting information for inclusion in the Buyers' Guide, persons acknowledge that the Council shall not be responsible for errors in listings, and any errors that do occur will be rectified as soon as possible. Suppliers that provide information to the Buyers' Guide are urged to notify the Council as soon as possible when the information requires updating.

Ingredient Suppliers