International Buyers' Guide Submission Form
Use the form below to identify ingredients for which you want to be listed as a supplier in the International Buyers' Guide. Identify the ingredients only by their INCI names. These names are identified in the Council's International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook, or can be found online using the search box within the Buyers' Guide website. To obtain an electronic or printed copy of the Dictionary, users are directed to the Council's e-bookstore.

Requests for the assignment of INCI names to trade name ingredients can be filed through the INCI Application process. If an INCI name does not exist for an ingredient, an INCI Application must be filed for the assignment of an INCI name.

  Please check if the following information is new or recently updated.
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General Instructions
TYPE the INCI names of the new ingredients you want to have listed in the International Buyers' Guide below.

Separate each INCI name by a line break.

  • DO NOT list trade names. Trade name/INCI name are handled through the INCI Application process.
  • DO NOT list names that are not INCI names. ONLY INCI names can be accepted on this form.
  • DO NOT list classes of ingredients, eg, essential oils, fatty acids, surface active agents.
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